New Zealanders are against secret agreement

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A lot of people, who live in Auckland, went out for protest. Kiwis did not appreciate SECRET governmental agreement with the USA. People were carring posters against this document - TPPA.

There were some inscriptions, slogans like: Protect our sovereignty! We dont not want to be slaves.
People are also afraid of limit internet freedom and restrictions of environmental protection.
They consider it was done for the US business.

The main street - Queen street was closed for cars. It should be noted, that meeting was peaceful, with music and dancing.

Tonight the Republican candidates finally debate FOREIGN POLICY

Should be fun for drinking games. I note that unlike earlier debates, this one is slotted for only one hour. Seems appropriate, with this crowd.

The question I want to see posed to each and every one of them is:

Sooner or later, the United States will get into a war with another country, and it will be different from the 'asymmetric' ones we've been in lately. One feature of such wars is that our soldiers sometimes get taken prisoner.

With that in mind, what standard of conduct would you insist our enemies use when dealing with our troops when held as prisoners of war?
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Muslim Students Found Guilty Of Disrupting Campus Speech

Ten Muslim students at UC Irvine were convicted of misdemeanor charges in connection with their vocal disruption of a speech by the Israeli ambassador to the US.

The Muslim students claim that their protest was protected free speech, but others argued that they were effectively censoring the speech of others, and blocking the free flow of ideas.